Planning A Six Year Olds Birthday Party

My five year old who is almost six in three months just cannot wait to be a year older already as all her friends are a bit older than her and she’s been attending loads of 6th birthdays lately, My husband and I keep telling her that she is going to get older and she cannot stop it but her excitement to get older is just palpable.

So I succumbed to the idea of planning her birthday way in advance as I do cause I am crazy just like her and organising birthday parties excite me and tickle my organisational bone 🙂

Miss 5 going on 6 has a cat obsession lately and so we had a clear indicator of the theme. Another thing she absolutely thrives on is arts and crafts. So we thought it would be a fab idea to mix the two and have a Crafty Cat Party in November. November here in Australia is beginning of Summer and the it can get quite hot in the afternoon so we went with an indoor location, a little studio close to our home where these lovely ladies have a crafting room for adults and children. They do different workshops every week and also help host birthday parties, baby showers and other occasion that can weave crafting into.

Birthday parties are fun as long as you are organised and all your guest make it on the day. I would recommend starting to plan atleast six weeks before the day, the sooner you plan it the fewer details you will have to work on the day itself. This advance planning helps one main thing; making sure that your child’s special friends can all make it especially his/her bestie 🙂 This way if your child’s best friends can’t make it you are free to change the date around to accomodate good attendance.

Going from here all the days leading up to the day of the party will feel like a celebration, you could include your child in deciding the theme, making the invitations ( last year we made wands out of sticks from the garden, which was fun in itself and some craft supplies), planning the activities and even shopping. Although its more efficient to do it all yourself, there is pleasure in working towards a fun goal along with your little one. Kids are ok with a small party as long as they feel special so don’t go out of you way and budget to throw a massive shindig. They will also feel very proud of helping you organise such a fulfilled lovely day 🙂

Pre Party Schedule

42 Sleeps To Go

Choose the theme, make your guest list, confirm the date with your child’s bestie and book an off site venue (if applicable)

28 Sleeps To Go

Write out invitations or make fun invitations like we made last year and we intend doing this year as well, we are planning on cute paw print invitations this year to suggest a cat theme, let me know what you think of it or if you have a cooler idea that we could try? Then decide on games, activities and food.

21 Sleeps To Go

Send the invitations out, hand deliver, mail or do an evite whatever suits you 🙂 Purchase party items, start homemade decorations and favours. Make sure you delegate some jobs for the day i.e. may be your child’s bestie’s mum could help you do a few bits on the day of, if needed.

14 to 7 Sleeps To Go

Purchase craft supplies and favours, Make a schedule of activities and make samples of planned crafts and feel free to call guests who haven’t RSVP’d, Order the cake if you are not baking it yourself.

3 Sleeps To Go

Buy food materials and items you can store in the fridge.

1 Sleep To Go

Bake the cake, decorate your home or make sure the place you have hired is organised for the day and that all those supplies are gathered. Prepare all the easy make ahead food items so you don’t have to be standing in the kitchen until the eleventh hour 🙂


What You Should Have On The Invite

  1. Include the date/time and location with directions.
  2. RSVP information
  3. If its a pool party specify if anything needs to be brought along (towel, swimmers)
  4. Mention if theres lunch or dinner
  5. Also let everybody know the intended theme and specific entertainment details.


Where To Have The Party

At Home : Designate a party space so all the littles guests don’t end up in your childs bedroom and it looking like a bomb has gone off!! This can be done easily with balloons and streamers as barriers, also close bedroom doors so it stays off limits.

Outdoors : Parks are very popular spots here in Australia as we have warm water for most part, be sure you are geared for rain in case mother nature decides to change her mind. Using blankets, Wooden Pallets and Table Cloth, Balloons and Streamers, you could make a very cute set up.

When To Have The Party

Timing is key, have the party at a time where kids are at their best and not sleepy or over tired or hungry as that way there is bound to be melt downs and tears. After nap works best for toddlers, as the kids get older timing doesn’t matter. Keep the party for a crisp hour and half or  two hours max.

Age-Time List 

Age 1-2 years

Time : After nap

Duration:  1 hour

Guests : Varies ( at this age its more our friends that will show up)

Age 3-4 years

Time : Early to Mid Afternoon

Duration : 1 to 1 1/2 hours

Guests : 4 to 5 children

Age 5-6 years

Time: : Lunchtime or Late Afternoon

Duration : 1 to 2 hours

Guests : Upto 10 children unless you have invited all the classmates too

Age 7-10 years

Time : Mid to Late Afternoon

Duration 2-3 hours

Guests : Varies ( if its a sleep over 3 is a good number and if its a bounce house 10-15 children are managable  )

Choosing Favours

  • Match favours to you theme.
  • Make one of your activities in the party where the kids are making something they take back with them that way you kill two birds in one stone ( we did fairy garden building last year and thats what the kids too back home and this way we skipped sending the kids home with a bag full of potential sugar rush)


Remember To Save The Memories

It is very busy during the party itself so here is that help you asked for during your planning of this party…hand a camera to this friend who signed up to help you and let your friend click away and document your child’s birthday in its full glory 🙂


Saying Thank You

Sometimes kids are very excited and forget their manners, make sure you thank each one for their presence and presents <3

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