New Years Resolution??


Let me start by saying…. “Happy New Year” and wishing a very fruitful 2018 to all you lovely people 🙂

Because its the new year, a new day, the urge to turn a new page and the wanting to make new years resolutions is compelling. The need to make resolutions comes from a genuine space and yet majority of us fail in keeping up the resolutions. The most popular resolutions being Weight Loss, Exercise, Reduction of Debts, Stopping Smoking and Saving Money.

Resolutions are often motivational at the beginning but procrastination sets in within the first month and the lack of interest in kicking the bad habit is deep rooted. This only means these goals are unrealistic unless you really want to give up smoking due to pressing reasons or surrender your credit cards to start to reduce your debts or really concerned that your weight is going to affect you in the long run.

Making a change in behaviour is a huge decision. If you give yourself false hopes while you make these resolutions you are setting yourself up for failure.  Here are some ideas to help you achieve your goals :

  • Don’t wait for new years day..its a promise you make to yourself on a daily basis and renew it end of each day.
  • Have one resolution and stick to it..big or small ( I am a mum of two and last year I was tired after a year of no sleep with a new born and just want to feel good, I decided I will keep my nails painted and neat the whole year and so I did and it felt damn good even if it was as frivolous as nail paint) So keep the end result in mind every day.
  • Seek help if you have deep rooted issues that need changing. Its never too late to ask for support to see you through to the other side.
  • Living in the present, keeping a check on your behaviour and channelling your positive energy into the future by visualising what you will feel when you finally achieve your goal and that you really do want it.
  • Last but not the least, have a laugh while you go through the process however hard it may be.

I hope the world has more love, peace and happiness in 2018 <3 Good Luck Everyone!!!!

PS : What do you think? Share your ideas down in the comments 🙂


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